Sunrise Living Room & Class Space- 12 N Ash Street, Ventura, CA 93001

Current Class Schedule

Sunrise Birthing Center hosts community events as well as classes and workshops relating to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Childbirth Education/Birth Class with Helen-
call for dates 805-643-4354
Breastfeeding Workshop with Diane-
Starts 1-24-11 6:00-8:30 call to register 805-654-1463
Infant Massage with Helen-
call for dates 805-643-4354
The Birth Project/ Pregnancy Group with Laurel-
1st Three Tuesdays of each month, call to confirm 805-654-1842

We are located at 12 N Ash Street, Ventura, CA 93001, see the mapquest gadget at the bottom for directions.

Classes at Sunrise

Classes and workshops take place in the beautiful and welcoming living area at Sunrise Birthing Center. Relax and enjoy the comfortable seating and cozy fireplace.

Our classes, group and workshops are open to all women and families. You do not need to be a Sunrise client to benefit from the services offered here. We respect and welcome diversity.

In order to better serve families we are offering a unique opportunity in childbirth and parenting preparation. Our format will be a seven week class taught by two licensed birth professionals. We will have a combined series with wonderful sessions for childbirth education and an entire session exclusively devoted to a breastfeeding workshop. Dedicating a complete two hour session to breastfeeding helps to lay the necessary foundation for this vital nourishing and bonding phase of the holistic birthing process and gives it the importance it deserves.

The format is designed to fully prepare parents on all levels for their birth and parenting experience. The breastfeeding portion will be presented the week after the session covering newborn care. This timing supports the learning curve and will allow participants to weave together what they have just learned about newborn care and behavior with babies’ feeding cues and instinctive behavior regarding breastfeeding. Our last session is devoted to postpartum issues and then wraps up beautifully with an invitation for ongoing connections and mentoring with classmates and instructors.

We are very excited about this unique format for Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Preparation. This class differentiates itself from others through this new format and the fact that both instructors are holistically oriented registered nurses drawing on their specialized education and years of experience. See profiles at sidebar and more at bottom of page.

Childbirth Education/Birth Class

Instructor: Helen Loucado, RN CMP CLA CIIM CLC

The 6 week childbirth education series is a comprehensive coverage of both the physiological and psychological changes of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Introspection and various means of self expression encouraged. Certain aspects of well known birthing methods and philosophies are incorporated where helpful, but no one particular method is promoted. Rather, women are encouraged to find their own unique way through the birthing process. Birthing options are covered as well as contrasting models of care. Attention is given to how to handle the unplanned or unexpected elements of labor and birth. You will learn effective ways to cope and be supported during labor, as well as complete exercises and receive information designed to improve communication skills between the birthing couple as individuals, and their health care providers. There is a balanced presentation of interventions including epidurals. Newborn care and behavioral states are discussed as well the much overlooked but extremely important postpartum period.This class promotes holistic methods of educating and empowering women and their partners to have the confidence and tools to make informed decisions and to embrace the momentous events of labor and birth without fear, with flexibility and with full understanding. Personal attention given to each couple's concerns. $175.00 for birth class

Call for next session: Helen 805 643-4354 or 805 407-0457

Wednesdays 6:00- 8:30

Breastfeeding Workshop

Instructor: Diane Berger, RN PHN

This special workshop covers topics such as: How to support your baby’s innate reflexive instincts and capacity to latch and breastfeed, reading infant cues, responsive parenting, different infant breastfeeding styles, various positions for breastfeeding, latch on, supply and demand, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. Because the early weeks with a new baby is a time to practice and become a family, breastfeeding helps to foster trust and provides for secure attachments between baby and parents. This workshop will give you the tools you need to begin a successful breastfeeding relationship. This workshop will be personalized allowing time to address your specific needs and concerns. - $35.00 for this workshop portion of the class

Next Breastfeeding Workshop -

Monday January 24,2011 6:00 - 8:30 call to register
Diane 805 654-1463 or 805 368-2297

Infant Massage -the continuum of gentle, conscious and aware birth intent.
Instructor : Helen Loucado, RN CMP CLA CIIM CLC

Learn the ancient art of loving touch communication that results in physical and emotional well being. Infant Massage promotes peace, respect and enhances attachment and bonding. All body systems are supported by massage. Babies learn to relax and fussiness is reduced. Experience increased confidence in parenting skills as you learn to read and respond to baby's cues and recognize behavioral states. Infant Massage is also a beautiful way to address interruptions in the bonding process due to Cesarean birth, time spent in the NICU, birth trauma, surgery, etc. 3 weeks 1 hour sessions - $75.00 Sunrise Clients ask about discount

Helen completed Level II training in order to assist parents of babies with special needs.
For more info about this class see

Contact Helen (805) 643-4354

The Birth Project, Pregnancy Group
Facilitator: Laurel Connell, MA, Birthing From Within Mentor

Open to all women at the start of their second trimester in pregnancy or anytime thereafter. Not limited to first time mothers, mothers who are birthing again are VERY welcome to come and share their wisdom. The intention for this group is to create a conscious community of mothers who want to learn more about themselves on this path towards motherhood. Artwork, meditation, and group dialogue come together to create a powerful experience for mothers. - $ small donation requested

1st three Tuesdays of each month

Call Laurel @ (805) 654-1842

*Please call in advance to reserve your spot and to confirm the group for the evening. We will also need a phone number for you so we can notify you if we need to cancel in the event of a birth. Thank you.

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